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2018 NFL Draft

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

The NFL Draft is a place filled with fans crazy about their teams and who they will pick going into the next season. This year it was in Arlington, Tx at AT&T Stadium. There were many legendary football players along with the prospects that were in the run to get drafted.​


I saw Troy Aikman zoom right past me in a golf cart getting moved to a broadcast trailer behind me. He got everyone exited in the crowd of people I was in while I noticed he was coming to a stop . I kept my eye on him as he was escorted behind a fence near me which was slightly transparent keeping a fast pace. I saw him walk up the stairs to enter the broadcast trailer as I picked up my camera. When I pressed the shutter my camera battery died and my heart immediately sank not sure if I even got the shot because of how quick the moment happened. Switching batteries felt like years hoping the image was saved. Finally, putting my battery in I saw the image pull up giving me a sense of relief and disbelief that it even happened.

Hall of Fame Quarterback Troy Aikman

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